Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jose' Ole' $2 Coupon + $2 Children's Miracle Network Donation

When you click to print our $2 Off coupon, they will donate $2 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. They're already on their way towards their goal. Now they need you to get  there. Let's work together to light up this entire page this holiday, so they can light up the faces of the children, too.

Jose Ole 에서 이웃님들이 $2 할인쿠폰을 프린트하실 때마다 $2씩을 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals에 기증한답니다. 쿠폰필요하시면 프린트해서 쓰시면서 좋은 일하실 수 있는 기회네요. 여기서 만드는 음식은 보통 수퍼에서 냉동제품있는 곳에서 찾으실 수 있구요. 맥시칸 음식으로 맛도 괜찮아요~


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