Saturday, September 29, 2012

Current sweepstakes around the web


$300 in prizes from Sunstar GUM
(ends 11/4)
$500 American Express gift card from Nielsen National Consumer Panel.
Digital Camera, $300, and more from 7 Wonders of the USA
(ends 10/30)
Spa Weekend in NYC from Aveeno
(ends 9/28)
$25,000 gift card from Amazon
(ends 10/2)
Apple iPod Nano or Shuffle from Copper Sole Socks
(ends 11/11)
Fitbit from THINaddictives
(ends 12/31)
Trip to New York from Puffs
(ends 10/12)

$1000 from Raisinets
(ends 10/15)

Thanks, Southernsavers for the list.

시간있으시면 들어가서 등록하셔요. 운좋은 사람에게 선물이 간답니다. 공짜이니 암것도 안사셔도 돼요. 전 지난 번에 개밥 당첨 이랑 감자칲 한박스 받았으니 전혀 가능성이 없는 것은 아니겠죠?!


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