Friday, October 19, 2012

Fresh & Easy Coupon Trip Sale 10/17-23

 If you'd like to see my other coupon trips(제가 요번주에 쿠폰 샤핑한 곳), you can go here.

Total Cost :$30.65- $3 off /$30 more coupon=$27.65 including around seven pounds of pork... because of the coupon, it is like having 10% off

Are you planning to go shopping at Fresh & Easy?
Here are the links for the coupons.
$10 off /$50 more Coupon (ex 10/23)
$3 off/$30 and more coupon (ex 10/23)

Fresh & Easy 에 샤핑갈 계획있으심 쿠폰 프린트해서 가져 가셔요.
Fresh & Easy 에서 쿠폰닝하기 읽으시기

Carrot 32oz for 98 cent
Pork(돼지고기) 3.57 LB for $5.79 
Seasoned Pork 1.19 Lb for 
$2.70 (I got three of these)

Tomato 2 Lb for $1.50 (I got three of these)
Tortillas 98 cents 
( I got two of these)
Potato 3 LB for 98 cents

mushroom 8 oz for $1.29 
( I got two.)

Chipotle Glazed $2.50 Yum!!!
1lb White onion $1.19
4.50oz minced garlic $1.49
Total $27.65 after using  $3 off /$30 more coupon.

돼지고기 각가지 거의 7 파운드어치랑 해서 $27.65 에 다 샀으니 나쁘지 않죠?!ㅎㅎㅎ 저는 프레쉬앤드 이지 팬이예요!!!!

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