Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Free Carseat Canopy 공짜 카씨트 카누피요~

First, go here.

Click on "Shop Now".

Select any canopy you would like (be sure to go to their sizing page so you can get the right size carrier for you).

Once you have selected your size, you will automatically be directed to the "shopping bag" where you can enter the promo code “ENBABY” This promo code will take off 100% of the canopy purchase and all you are required to pay are the shipping fees. You can use the code more than once - you just have to open a new browser/window to do so. Due to its nature, this offer can't last long so please hurry.

먼저 여기로 가셔요.

가셔서요 "Shop Now" 누르시고요 맞는 사이즈를 선택하시면 자동적으로 "shopping bag"으로 가거든요 그럼 거기에 “ENBABY”인 프로모 코드 넣으시고요. 그럼 가격이 100% 할인되구요. 배송료만 내시면 된다네요. 딜 끝나기전에 빨리 하시라네요.

 전 아이들이 좀 커서 필요없는데 시켜보시고 괜찮으시면 사진찍어서 보내주시면 저도 대리만족할랍니다. ㅎㅎ


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