Monday, November 5, 2012

My Coupon Trip to Fresh & Easy Sale 10/31-11/06

 If you'd like to see my other coupon trips(제가 요번주에 쿠폰 샤핑한 곳), you can go here.

I spent total $22.35 and $5 off WYB(when you buy)$25 from mail.

제가 젤 좋아하는 프레쉬앤드 이지에 갔다왔어요. 다해서 $25쓰고 나면 $5할인해주는 쿠폰이 메일로 와서 쓰고 $22.35내고 나왔어요.

Are you planning to go shopping at Fresh & Easy?
Here are the links for the coupons.

Fresh & Easy Coupons 11/07-11/13

Fresh & Easy 에 샤핑갈 계획있으심 쿠폰 프린트해서 가져 가셔요.


24 oz 그래이프 토메이토 $1.96

Beef Pie

Chicken Enchiladas


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