Monday, October 22, 2012

At Vistaprint Custom Christmas Stocking

Watch your children’s eyes widen with excitement after seeing their name on their own red plush Vistaprint stocking hanging from your mantel. After all, children and adults alike are sure to love having this memorable holiday keepsake every holiday season. Christmas stockings are easy to customize, fun to show off, and always add the perfect personal element to gift giving.

Simply choose a name and font to begin creating a holiday gift that you’ll enjoy for years to come – and that’s as unique as you.

And for only $7.99 plus FREE shipping, now you can shop once and deliver cheer to everyone on your holiday list.

요번 크리스마스에 Vistaprint에서 아이들 귀여운 크리스마스 스타킹에 이름까정 있는  (수놓아진 것같은데...) 것 만드시는데 $7.99 에 배송료는 공짜라네요. 
이름 넣으시고  글자모양 (font) 정하시면 끝이네요. 가보시고 맘에 드시면 크리스마스때에 걸 수 있게 미리 만드시는 것도 좋을듯~


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